Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Astam Garva by Indian Writer Bani Basu

Book Name: Astam Garva
Book Category :Bangla Novel
Book Writer: Bani Basu
Book Format: PDF (Portable Document Format)
Book Courtesy: Amarboi Online

Book Review:  
Astam Garva a is bengali novel which is written by Popular Bengali Writer Bani Basu. Bani Basu is Indian Bengali writer, essayist, critic and poet. She is started his career by the Publication of Janmabhoomi Matribhoomi. Bani Basu was born on 11 March 1939, India. Bani Basu's popular books are Maitreya Jataka, Ekhushery Pa, Pancham Purush , Swet Patharer Thaala, Gandharvi, Astam Garva etc. She got Shahitya Academy Award 2010 which is one of Indian top literary awards.  Download  Bani Basu Bangla books, novels, poetry etc in pdf format  and read Astam Garva by Indian Writer Bani Basu.

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