Thursday, October 06, 2016

Chacha Kahini by Syed Mujtaba Ali

Book Name: Chacha Kahini by Syed Mujtaba Ali 
Book Category : Bangla Novel 
Book Writer: Syed Mujtoba Ali
Book Format: Portable Document Format (PDF File)
Book Language: Bengali
Book info: 62 Pages and 4.4 Megabytes
Book Courtesy: PDF Archive

Book Review: 

Chacha Kahini by Syed Mujtaba Ali is a popular Bengali novel  which is written by Syed Mujtoba Ali. The Book was first published from Dhaka, Bangladaesh.  Syed Mujtoba Ali is a popular Bengali writer of 20th century. He was born on 13 September 1904 in Sylhet  and died on  1974 in Sylhet. Syed Mujtoba Ali is popular for his "belles-letters" writings in Bengali Literature. His is well Know for his Travel  stories,  belles-letterswriter. Popular books of Syed Mujtoba Ali are Deshe Bideshe,  Jole Dangay, Chasa Kahini, Mayuk Kanthi, Sabnam, Srestho Ramyo Rachona, joley Dangai, Porosh Pathor, Choturango, Abissahya, Tuni Mem, Mayur Kanthi, Raja Ujir, Shabnam  etc. Download   Syed Mujtoba Ali Bangla Books, Novel, Travel Storeis, Short Stories, Aritcles etc in PDF format and Read Chacha Kahini by Syed Mujtaba Ali.

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