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Zahir Raihan - Bangladeshi Writer and Film Maker

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Writer Profile: Zahir Raihan
Zahir Raihan was a popular Author, Novelist, story writer & Film maker of Bangladesh. His full name was Abu Abdar Mohammad Zahirullah and nickname was Zafor. He is well known for his documentary on Liberation war, Bangladesh "Stop Genocide" and most popular novel "Hazar Bosor Dhore, Shes Bikeler Meye etc). He was born on 19 August 1935 in Feni District, Bangladesh. He spent his childhood and school life in Kolkata, India because his father was teacher of Alia Madrasha, India. Zahir Raihan was admitted in Kolkata Model School in 1940, Studied high School in Mitra Institute & Alia Madrasha. After partition of subcontinent in 1947 his family was shifted from Kolkata to Feni. Zahir Raihan finished his matriculation exam from Amirabad High school in 1950 and He was graduated from Dhaka University in 1958. Zahir Raihan married two times. They were Sumitra Devi, Suchanda who were actress. He was father of four child.
Zahir Raihan started his career as writer and journalist.  In 1950 he joined as journalist in Juger Alo Magazine. His first stories writings "Surjo Grohon" was published in 1955. He was introduced himself as a film director by the film "Kokhono Asheni" in 1961. His first novel was Shesh Bikeler Meye which was published in 1960. He make first color movie of Pakistan "Sangam" in 1964. He was an active worker of Language Movement of 1952. He was awarded Bangla Academy Award in 1972 and also got Adamjee Literature Award. Zahir Raihan disappeared on 30 January 1972 when he was searching his brother Shahidullah Kaisar who was captured and Killed in 14 December 1971. Zahir Rahin wrote many popular novel, Short Stories and make many films and  documentaries 
Popular Books and Films of Zahir Raihan:

Novel: Hazar Bochor Dhore, Sesh Bikeler Meye, Trishna, Borof Gola Nodi etc

Short Shories: Ekusher Golpo, Harano Boloy, Badh, Oporadh, Poster, Demagh etc

Films: Jibon theke neoya, Borof Gola Nodi, Sangom, Bahana, Behula, Khokhon Aseni, Sonar kajol, Kacher Deoyal etc 

Download and Read Zahir Raihan popular novels, short stories, articles in Bangla. View and Read all Books of Zahir Raihan.
1. Shesh Bikeler Meye 2. Hazar Boshor Dhore 3. Ekushey February
4. Borof Gola Nodi   5. Ar Kotodin  6. Arak Falgun

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